Homme XY by Senyo transforms grooming into an empowering journey for independent-thinking men. Our Beard and Skincare range, enriched with high-quality natural ingredients from Africa, backed by over 25 years of barbering expertise, transcends the ordinary, promoting a self-care culture that resonates with confidence and individuality.

After owning a world-class and modern barber shop, Homme XY by Senyo since 2019, my clients and I were disappointed by the range of products available within Beard and Skincare. I decided to create a range that goes beyond skincare, that also promotes a culture of self-care for the modern man. 

What sets us apart is our commitment to excellence: harnessing the potency of high-quality natural ingredients sourced from Africa, formulations that are easy to use and solve your beard and skin needs.

Discover the difference and embrace a grooming experience that resonates with your culture, boosts confidence, and champions the art of men's self-care.

By Senyo